Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod?
No, really. You could use a smack in the face.

Hi. Remember this blog?

Well, as far as I care, it’s been discontinued in favor of koercion. If you care to follow me, go there.

Thanks for the journey but I want a fresh start.

If you get followed by koercion, don’t be alarmed. It’s my new not-so-personal blog that I want to move towards.


Favourite Video Game Characters (in no particular order)
→ Kaniehtí:io, Assassin’s Creed III

❝Why are you speaking so slow?❞

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So… Will there come a day that the Mass Effect fandom grows up?

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Whose Line has been perfect omg.

Yelling into the vacuum of space.

Story of RPing on Boss.

hello there surprise car repair bill hot damn

SOOOOOOO. Is the installer coming to the house or…?

An hour late is just reminiscent of Comcast.

Annnnnd I now have the ME trilogy on 360 and PC. Sweet!

Running | No Doubt


Running by No Doubt

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